Milx Mom

Marisa gives birth to a daughter, Malena. Jess is so happy to welcome Malena to the world but equally happy to have a new guinea pig mom to test out her pump bra. Marisa adds a feature to allow for nursing in the amazing bra. What CAN'T this thing do?

Melanie, not yet a mom but witness to her friends happily pumping and nursing, says to Jess and Marisa, "guys- the mom marketplace needs to be modernized! Let's do it and start with this amazing bra for new moms!"

Jess and Marisa respond "Are you nuts? Adding a new company on top of our full-time jobs + new babies? When we have no manufacturing experience? But... this bra is the t*ts. OK let’s do it!”

 in NYC, Tacklebox, that takes startups from an idea to the first stage of a business. They’re program Marisa, Mel, and Jess are accepted to an accelerator pump, and never look back.

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