I bought your nursing cover a few months ago. My baby was born 3 weeks ago and I dont go anywhere without Baby Chic!! Everywhere I go I get compliments, especially from other nursing moms. I just love that it offers full coverage so I feel comfortable nursing anywhere and in front of anyone. The shirt holder is just BRILLIANT and a lifesaver!!! The fact that it doubles as a stroller cover is a wonderful plus! The design is so intelligent I absolutely love it Thank you!

Easy to use, very useful and practical Even though I am not a first-time mom, I am a first time breast-feeding mom and needed a cover for him when nursing outside of home. This was recommended to me by a friend and so I decided to give it a try, I am very happy I did that. This provides ultimate protection from snoopy eyes and allows me to feel comfortable feeding my child outside of home. The design is helpful. You can use any shirt and not just a breast-feeding designed shirt Which is great. Definitely recommend.

סינר ההנקה הכי טוב שהיה לי! הוא נח מאוד ואני יכולה להניק בכל מקום וזמן בפרטיות מוחלטת. המשלוח היה זריז והסינר הגיע יום לפני הצפוי, בול בזמן לטיסה שלי, תודה שני😊

I purchased the nursing cover after trying two other covers and fell in love with it!! Three main reasons, first, it covers 360 and you don’t have to fight with it while nursing every time the baby is moving or grabbing the cover. Second, the material is great! Breathable which feels much better for me and for my baby especially when it’s hot outside, and can be washed in a washing machine with regular laundry which makes it easier for me! Also, it has the neckline opening that makes it easy for me to see the baby through it and I can breastfeed comfortably! I am extremely recommending this cover for all breastfeeding moms! From my experience, after two babies this is the best that I met!