Our Story

Babies are amazing precious little beings, that come to make our lives fuller and happier, but moms are just as special and deserve more than a break now and then.

Milky Chic is a brand created for moms by moms. We truly understand that being a mom can be quite stressful, so we invest our time and resources in having every mama's back as she juggles her daily parenting activities while allowing her to enjoy a chic and fun lifestyle.


Milky Chic was established by two mom friends, Shani and Adva who both enjoy nothing more than taking their babies on long strolls. One faithful afternoon during their maternity leave, they decided to take their babies on a stroll down the streets of New York like they always do. They had a chat about how they often felt exposed and uncomfortable while breastfeeding outdoors so they decided to dedicate themselves to developing solutions for moms just like them. Moms should feel comfortable doing something as natural as nursing and not have to compromise. And so Milky Chic was born.

Milky Chic Nursing Poncho is made from 100% organic cotton. Attention to detail and ease of use are what make this cover the most loved by all moms. Breastfeeding is a beautiful experience, and feeling comfortable is key to cherishing those precious moments. Our product line continues to expand and now include more high-quality chic products that strive to make life easier at home and on the go for all moms.


We hope to accomplish our goals of caring for and enriching the lives of moms from all over the world at affordable rates.

All our products listed and future products are and will be in a price range that just about any mom, friends, and family can afford.


Not everyone appreciates the responsibilities of a mom as we do. Our understanding of the needs of every mom combined with our ability to put even the most minute detail into consideration are what enable us to deliver meaningful and quality products.

We put the satisfaction of our customers first in all we do. We are constantly discovering new ways to improve our services; to help you create and live a pampered, quality, and charming lifestyle, like it was meant to be.

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