7 Different Positions for Breastfeeding Your Baby

We often think that breastfeeding is instinctive. However, when we try it for the first time we don't know how to do it. Also, the baby doesn't seem to know how to hook either, so we panicked. Where was our instinct?!

Breastfeeding is something that you learn, just like motherhood!

Don't feel bad if you have difficulties at first. We've all been there once. With time you will see that it is something wonderful and necessary for both you and your child.

Here are 7 comfortable positions to help you feed your baby, newborn or older.

Traditional cradle

Place your baby with his or her head on your forearm, holding his or her back with your hand. Your baby's body should be facing you, not the ceiling. The ear, shoulder, and buttocks should be in a straight line. Use the other arm for support underneath.

cross Cradle

Hold the baby's head with the hand opposite the breast you are going to offer. Your arm will support the baby's back. This posture is ideal for premature or small ones. It is also very comfortable for breastfeeding while standing or walking!

Rugby Ball (Football Position)

Place your baby on your side, under your arm. Hold his or her head and back with your hand and forearm.

Upright or standing baby

Ideal for babies with a cleft lip, for those who tend to choke or have reflux. Sit with your feet on the floor, then, sit your baby on your thighs with his or her legs open or crossed. Hold your chest with your hand and use your thumb to lift the baby's chin.


This breastfeeding posture is perfect if you have back pain or when you are just about to sleep. Lie on your bed on your side, using one or two pillows to rest your head. Stretch the arm facing upwards, so it is perpendicular to your body. Place your baby tummy to tummy with you. The child's head should be at your chest level. With arm upside down offers the chest attached to the bed. The stretched arm will help you keep your baby close to your body.

Roman She-wolf

This posture is used to empty inaccessible parts of the breast. Lay the baby on his or her back on the bed and stand on four legs above him. Bend you until the baby can reach out the breast. Make the baby's jaw coincide with that part of your breast where you have accumulated milk.


Let's say this is one of the most comfortable breastfeeding positions. All you have to do is lie on the bed with a pillow on your head and back. Place the baby on your chest, fully reclined. Use your hands to hold him in case he moves and falls.

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