Last-Minute Mother’s Day Gift Ideas

Every mom is different. Personalities, qualities and characteristics, appearances and styles, and professions may vary from one to the next. Yet, they really do have so much in common. Moms are nurturers, they have big hearts and gentle hands. Moms are full of grace and adoration. Moms ease our pains and dry our tears. 

The truth is that moms are superheroes – and many lives would not be the same without them. 

Mother’s Day is right around the corner. And let’s be honest – if you haven’t bought mom something yet, you need to. She deserves it. And although nothing can compare to the gifts that moms give, consider this to be a small token of appreciation. 

Not sure where to start? Having a hard time deciding on a gift? Here are some last-minute mother’s day gift ideas to help you out. 

A Flower Bouquet. Who does not love to get flowers? They are beautiful as they brighten the room and the spirit. They are a lively addition to any space. Flowers are common gifts for mother’s day – especially because they can easily be purchased at the last minute. There are many variances so you can always find something mom will enjoy best. 

A Plush Throw and a Good Book. There is something to be said about getting carried away by a fantastic book – especially when it offers a momentary break from real life. While moms do not always have the time to read, sometimes being handed such an option could bring the idea closer to fruition. The plush throw? Well, that is just a bonus because snuggling and reading go hand-in-hand. 

A Gift Box. Whether you live right down the block or across the country, a gift box is one of the best options for Mother’s Day. Not only is she receiving a surprise gift box in the mail, but the box will be full of all sorts of goodies – from bath bombs, planners, and water bottles to socks, candles, and self-care items galore. It is like having gifts inside a gift. And, unlike sending flowers, this gift gets delivered with her mind – all the things inside being put together for her. Imagine her expression when she opens the doors and sees a box with her name on it. Someone thought of her enough to send her something special. Let that someone be you. 

Funny Candles. Everything the last year has brought has taught us to look at life from a different angle. Focusing on the positive in any situation can change our mood and perspective on life. Love First Candle Co has an Etsy shop that creates candles with blunt messages like, “No matter what life throws at you, at least you don’t have ugly kids” or, “Mom, you are killing it.” This could make a great last-minute gift idea for moms who could use it. 

Journal or Planner. Moms have busy schedules – and there is a lot that goes on in their minds throughout the day. A journal and/or planner can help keep things in order and provide a place to jot thoughts down as they come. Look for something that matches her style and that would be easy to transport with her wherever she goes. 


There are so many gift ideas for moms on mother’s day. A new purse, a delicious meal, a picture frame, or a necklace. But do you know what the winning last-minute mother’s day gift idea is? A gift box

As we said, all moms are different. Choosing a gift box for her to enjoy means that you are noticing who she is as a woman. Plus, we know she never slows down, right? Milky Chic’s gift boxes are all designed to help her take a deep breath and focus on the powerful being that she is – if only for a moment. 

Mom’s take care of everyone else. So mother’s day is our turn to take care of them. Show the moms in your life how appreciated they are with a thoughtful gift. 

Have you bought your mother’s day gift yet? In the comments below, we’d love to hear if you have any last-minute ideas of your own.

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