Halloween is the one night each year when kids get to publicly pretend that they are superheroes, policewomen, rockers, glamorous dancers, or anything character in their imagination. And kid s love it. Not to mention that they get to collect candy, too. 

Depending on where you live or how long you allow your youngsters to trick or treat, there is a good chance you will have quite a haul of candy by the time you make it back home. Then, what? How do you handle the mountain of candy sitting in front of your kids? Allow them to eat it freely? Set a limit? Secretly hide it? 

So many parents struggle when it comes to knowing what to do when the Halloween candy overload sets in. To help you out, we’ve got some tips to help your kids find balance without taking away the fun. 

SET LIMITS. As a parent, you know that kids need limits. The same rules need to be applied to candy consumption. Be clear about these limits before the trick or treating even begins. For instance, on Halloween night, allow your child to pick 5 pieces of candy to eat. Then, put the rest away. Set a limit for each day after as to how many pieces of candy your child may consume. 

To make sure the limits are being followed, you may want to put the candy away and bring it out daily for your child to choose. This will ensure they aren’t sneaking it on the side and filling up on too much sugar. 

USE THE CANDY AS A BARGAINING TOOL. Let your child use this candy to get rewards using an old bartering method. Here are a few examples. 

5 pieces of candy = kids choice of music for the car ride

10 pieces of candy = staying up one extra hour (or one extra hour of screen time)

15 pieces of candy = a trip to the movies

Of course, keep in mind that these are simply examples. You will most definitely want to set the bartering terms based on your parenting style, child’s age, and ability, etc. 

CREATE A CANDY BUYBACK. Adults love candy, too. And, truth be told, most – if not all – will dig into the hidden candy stash regularly. While you can always still sneak the candy, why not offer to buy it from your child? Here’s what we mean: Offer $.10 for each Starburst or $.25 for each Butterfinger, etc. 

The result? Your child doesn’t feel like they are losing something by giving up their loot. In fact, he or she may even prefer your money!

TEACH YOUR KIDS TO SHARE. There are many places that accept Halloween candy donations. Teaching your child about sharing and doing a good deed can not only get rid of the candy but can also leave a lasting impression of a life lesson. Consider donating to places that accept donations for our U.S. Troops or deliver to children’s hospitals. 


This Halloween, don’t feel overwhelmed with bringing an overload of candy into your home. Plan in advance and be ready to teach your kids a lesson in balance that may last a lifetime. 

Do you have tricks or tips for Halloween candy? Milky Chic would love to hear from you.

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