Having “Me Time” – The Ultimate Valentine’s Day Gift

In any normal year, we would have the same routine with our significant other that we have had for years. It will look different from time to time, but it usually involves spending working hours apart and coming home together with the kids at the end of the day to have dinner, catch up on the day’s events, and relax before doing it all again tomorrow. 

Busy schedules and monotonous routines used to make us crave alone time with our partner, right? We spent so much time apart – or doing things with the kids – that we began to miss who we were back when we were dating. You know, all that fuzzy, warm, romantic stuff. So, when Valentine’s Day came, we would make elaborate plans – dinner at a special place, tickets to a favorite show, a walk along a quiet beach, and so on. We would hype up the holiday and pray that it turned out as special and perfect as we had envisioned it in our heads. 

Time spent together on this special night was meant to rekindle that spark. 

Well, guess what, friends? Since COVID-19 has invaded our lives, those routines and schedules have changed drastically for many of us, haven’t they? With quarantine keeping many people shut inside together and most couples working remotely from home – there has been a lot of time spent together. Like, a lot of time together. Nearly all the time. Not to mention that most kids are home 100% of the time, too, which means either helping with schoolwork or trying to balance work and caring for kids. 

All that extra time we thought we would have when the pandemic began somehow just dissipated. And this is exactly why – as we rapidly approach Valentine’s Day this year – many of us are craving me time instead of date night. We need to engage in self-love and break away for a moment. In fact, Zulily did an online poll of 1,000 moms and discovered that nearly 75% want some time alone. The reason I tell you this is so that you know you are not alone if you feel this way, too. 


What could Valentine’s Day “me time” look like? While we may not entirely want to ditch the heart-shaped box of chocolates, the beautiful bouquet of roses, or the jewelry, here are some ideas of what moms are after: 

Turn your bathroom into a spa. Enjoy a nice long – uninterrupted – bubble bath with a glass of champagne. Put on some of your favorite music, light a candle, put on a face mask, and climb in the tub to soak. 

Go to the spa. If you really want a break and can leave the house, then go to the spa. Book some of your favorite services and just indulge all your senses. 

Binge your favorite show. Load up on all your favorite snacks, close the curtains, turn off the light, and jump in bed. Binge-watch your favorite show – or one that you have been wanting to watch but never have the time. 

Head out shopping. There is a good chance you have not bought yourself anything in a while – especially since personal shopping trips are not as frequent as they used to be. So, go buy yourself an outfit, a pair of shoes, a new purse, or even a new book you have wanted. Treat yourself as if you deserve it – because you do! 

Spend time at the park – without the kids. Sometimes just relaxing outdoors and soaking up the vitamin D can be the ultimate mental cleanse. If you reside somewhere the weather is nice in February, then why no go sit under a tree and read a book or magazine? Take a leisurely stroll or bike ride? Lay back on a blanket and get lost in the clouds? Just do not forget your sunscreen!

Do what you love. If you are gifted with “me time” for Valentine’s Day, then spend it doing something you love. These are just a few ideas. Maybe for you it is a hobby such as gardening or painting. Maybe it is fitness. Maybe it is heading to the casino. Whatever it is you love to do, use this time to do it. 

Valentine’s Day is all about showing love. As moms, we are always so quick to show love to others that we often forget to show the love to ourselves. If 2020 has taught us anything, it is the meaning – and the importance – of being intentional with our time. Especially me time

At MilkyChic, we would love to hear from you. Leave a comment below and let us know how you have planned this Valentine’s Day – and how you enjoy spending your time alone.

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