Fun & creative ideas for how to celebrate mothers day this year

How do you celebrate Mother’s Day? Do you take the special mothers in your life out to brunch, waiting hours in line with all the other families just to get a table? Do you put in an order for a bouquet of flowers to be delivered so you don’t have to think about the day again? Just like some other holidays, Mother’s Day often becomes a stagnant replay year after year. 

This year, it is time to change it up. Sure, the gift of motherhood lasts a lifetime, but mamas need to feel seen, acknowledged, and loved, whether they choose to admit it or not. It’s tough doing what they do every day - it’s also tough to see that because moms make it look so easy. 

So, how about a few fun and creative ideas for celebrating mom? We’ve got some ideas that are different from the norm but are exactly what she will appreciate more than anything else. Let’s take a look: 

An in-home family photographer. She wants those family photos but getting everyone dressed and out the door in one piece while still looking photo-ready is exhausting. Invite the photographer to come to her - it’s a win-win. 

A hot cup of coffee every morning. Not one that started hot but grows cold by the time she gets to it. And we are talking about more than one sip of hot coffee. She wants the whole hot cup.

Alone time in the house. Time to do anything she wants, uninterrupted. This could be some reading, changing and getting ready, working on an art project, and so forth. Take the kids somewhere, keep them occupied, and let her be.  

A shopping spree. Yes, that’s right. Moms would love some cash or gift cards to her favorite stores and the opportunity to go shopping and spend them - alone. 

A clean house. Moms have a busy job, but they also want a clean house. Who doesn’t? Take some pressure off by having someone clean the house regularly. 

Not having to make plans. That’s right - sometimes it would be nice to not have to think about childcare for much-needed date nights, meal planning every night of the week, scheduling and planning family outings, and so on. Offering to take something over for a minute or longer would be greatly appreciated by any mom. 

A night off. Sure, date nights are always welcomed. But sometimes moms want time with their friends. A night out with the ladies - without having to worry about home - would make a great mother’s day gift. 

Anything that you see moms do - they do it out of love and dedication to the family. So, offering to help with any of it, such as washing the dishes or getting up with the kids, gives mom a chance to relax, sleep in, or do whatever she pleases. And that is quite a gift. 

At Milky Chic we know how important it is to let moms feel seen, whether they are new to the game or are seasoned professionals. This is why we believe strongly in planning something special for the moms in our lives, even if it is something as simple as ensuring she has a hot cup of coffee. 

What is your Mother’s Day plan this year?

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