2022 Women’s Holiday Small Shops Gift Guide

Hey, ladies! I know 2022 has been so different this year, but the holidays are still showing up – and you need to show up, too. With this global pandemic changing the way we can express love and embrace one another, it is more important now than ever to reach out to those who hold significance in our lives. Sure, we may not be celebrating in the traditional way we are used to, but gift-giving is going to be crucial when it comes to lifting spirits this holiday season. 

So, rather than heading out to the busy stores and increasing any health risks, why not do your shopping online this year? You can lounge at home in your comfy sweats and, one-by-one, check off the names on your gift-giving list. It’s the perfect way to stay safe and still feel accomplished. 

And, because we want to show our appreciation for all the women out there doing their thing – and crushing it, this holiday gift guide is comprised of awesome gift ideas from women-owned companies. 

The perfect gift box. What if you could put together a gift box that was comprised of everything you know your recipient would love? You know, like who couldn’t use a box with all sorts of goodness? Everything from a spa day in a box or a new mug with some hot tea to candles, socks, journals, books, jewelry, and more. You decide which gift box fits the ladies on your list and Milky Chic puts it together. Keep in mind that gift boxes aren’t the only thing that is offered here, so be sure to look around! 

One-of-a-kind nail polish. Does your friend or sister always have the best manicures? Can she recite the brand and product number for her favorite color polish? Well, Taylor Made Cosmetics is a woman-run company that focuses on the creation of vegan and organic cosmetics. And, yes, they sell kits to create your own. It’s like giving a good gift – and feeling good about what it stands for. 

Hand-dyed garments and bags. At AMF studios, owner Jane Bergstedt uses natural indigo to create hand-dyed products – including garments and bags. Each one is designed using a sustainable process. And, because they are hand-dyed, each product is unique. 

Score one for terracotta love. Do you know a woman who’s got a bit (or a lot) of sass about her? Then, she’d likely love something natural and beautiful from MyTerracottaHome. From candles with names like Hella Pillows, The Great Outdoors, and Binging on Holiday Movies, as well as rattan pop sockets, clay earrings, small boob clay pots, you will definitely find something for her here. Classy and bold, this woman-owned shop has some amazing – and beautiful - gifts for the home. 

Gemstone jewelry and accessories. Another woman-owned business, Saucey and Wubs Designs, creates jewelry and accessories using gemstones and metal wire. Feminine, dainty, and beautiful, every woman in your life will feel special receiving a piece from their collections. What’s more, is that they even accept custom requests and donate a portion of all sales to animal rescue! 

Organization for the jet setter. The woman-owned company, Ms. Jetsetter, has everything you could imagine for making traveling easy – while still looking good. This could be international travel or just a daily commute. If you know someone who is always on the go, this may be a great place to get some shopping done. 

Sleeping beauty. A good night’s sleep is crucial. Know someone who could use some nighttime comfort? Maybe your mom or your overworked bestie? Soft, breathable fabric made from 100% organic bamboo can be the one thing no one knew they needed. And you can be the bearer of this gift. Ettitude sells bedding, sleepwear, bath towels, and more. 


Bring on the green. Girl, you know how much we need our homes to feel peaceful and calm. The world out there is crazy. If you know someone who is into home décor that brings a sense of beauty and serenity – or someone who could use some – why not buy something she’d love to have in her space. Serene Spaces Living has a wide array of quality pieces for inside and outside the home. 

Well, there you have it – your 2020 holiday gift guide for all the amazingly beautiful women in your life. Order online, support small businesses, and spread some cheer to those you love.

Know a woman-owned business that sells some great products for women this holiday season? Drop the link in the comments below! 

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