5 unique baby shower gift ideas for new moms in 2019

Baby showers are a fun and exciting time for any new parents. If you are going to be a guest at a baby shower for a friend or family member, then you will want to make sure that your gift is something that they will really enjoy. To get you started, here are a few ideas for the best baby shower gifts to buy.

The Perfect Baby Shower and Registry Gift Ideas

1. Gift Baskets

Gift baskets are one of the easiest and most impressive gifts that you can get for a baby shower. They let you put together a lot of smaller items into one larger gift. In this way, you are able to give the new parents products that they need, like diapers and bottles, together with items that are just for fun, like toys and books. With gift baskets, you also have the ability to buy gifts centered around one theme or color so that everything matches.

You can find a lot of gift baskets on Etsy, Amazon, and Dodoburd. Each gift basket comes with its own different contents and price. The price range is between $20 and $100. Tiu can easily choose one depending on your choice and budget.

Baby Gift Baskets and  Shower  gift ideas - Milky Chic

2. Clothes

Clothes are a universal gift for any baby occasion, but they work especially well for a baby shower gift. New parents need a lot of baby clothes, but you can also find cute and interesting clothes that are different or more expensive than what they would buy for themselves. You can also buy clothes in a wide range of sizes and styles so that the baby will have new items to wear for several months after they are born.

If you are shopping for new baby clothes, it is necessary to consider natural clothes that are made from organic materials. This is because inorganic clothes contain chemicals that can react with the baby’s skin. Common organic baby clothes include L'ovedbaby, Hanna Andersson, Monica + Andy, Finn + Emma, and SoftBaby.

Best Baby Clothes and Gift Ideas

3. Baby Gear

Baby gear is another excellent choice to give as a gift at a baby shower. New parents usually have a tight budget, but they also know that there are certain items they must have for the safety and daily life of their baby. These items are usually a car seat, stroller, crib, bouncers, etc... These items can get expensive, so if you can buy them these pricier but necessary items as a gift, it will take a lot of pressure off. If you cannot afford to get one of these items alone, consider contacting another guest or family member who may be attending the shower and see if you can share the cost together.

There are several options available when it comes to baby gear. However, you have to be gender-conscious when shopping for baby gears. Popular baby gear products include Baby Carrier, Baby Travel System, and Baby Monitor. You can consider brands like Babybjorn, Riva, and Raybaby for your carrier, traveler, and monitor respectively.

Best Baby Gear and  Shower Gift Ideas

4. Nursing Poncho

Most nursing covers or ponchos are designed to provide discreet coverage for nursing mothers so that they can breastfeed their baby without exposure to others. Nursing ponchos are quite convenient and often high on expectant mom's lists of things they would like to receive at the baby shower. This is a great baby shower gift item idea for first-time moms since it most certainly will be used at the hospital post-delivery when everything is still new and new nursing mothers are still uncomfortable with the process of breastfeeding. The constant stream of well-wishers may make a new mom, already unsure of her breastfeeding skills, even more, hesitant to feed her new baby naturally.

One of the best nursing ponchos in the market is the milky chic breastfeeding poncho. This is the only poncho that gives a 360 full coverage no-worry breastfeeding for a new mom. This wear is also designed to serve three major purposes; suit trending style, uphold privacy, and enhance intimacy. More so, milky chic nursing poncho has a rigid neckline at the front so that mom can see the baby the whole time, keep an eye contact with him (which is really important for the first weeks when the latching is still new) and also see what he is doing

Best Nursing Ponchos for Moms
Best Baby Shower and Registry Gift Ideas

5. The Baby Shusher Sleep Miracle

This unique item truly is a sleep miracle for newborns and their parents. If you’re familiar with Harvey Karp’s “5 S’s” techniques from The Happiest Baby on the Block, then you know how effective “Shushing” can be to help soothe and calm a fussy baby.

The Baby Shusher perfectly replicates the “Shushing” sound and, quite simply, works like magic! The Baby Shusher is small, compact, and easy to keep clean. It can be used in the crib, in the car, when visiting friends and family, or when doing the everyday important things like grocery shopping or catching up with friends.

This miracle is a must-have for every soon-to-be parent, and is at the top of the list for a perfect baby shower gift! It can be ordered as a stand-alone item, or as part of the Baby Shusher Gift Collection (which would be perfect for that baby shower!)

Order a Baby Shusher here >>

The Baby Shusher Sleep Miracle

Bottom line

These are four of the best baby shower gifts to buy. They are easy to find, useful, and will be very appreciated by the new parents. More so, there are many other products and brands that you can consider apart from the ones in the article. This way, whenever they look at your gift, they will remember how much you cared about them and their new baby.

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