Baby's First Halloween! 11 Baby Halloween Costumes for Busy Moms

Hey Mom- we get it, you are busy and time is a precious commodity these days. You just haven't thought about costume ideas until now, no worries—it's going to be alright. With plenty of online shopping options is just a click of a button away, easy and fast delivery possibilities out there, all you need to do is define your budget level and choose the right size; and you know what? Sometimes it’s better to have something ready than trying to do something DIY and get frustrated when it’s not as you imagined or saw on an image.

Anyway ,your infant will not have no clue what Halloween is all about, but his or her first costume provides you with so much excitement.
We spent hours searching the web for some of the best baby costumes available and these are some the cutest ones we loved. We've got you covered!

1. Carter's

Little Pig Halloween Costume

Little Lion Halloween Costume

2. Amazon

Astronaut Suit with NASA patches and diaper snaps

InCharacter Baby Tiny Tentacles Octopus Costume

3. Walmart

Pink Bunny Infant Costume

Fearless Firefighter Toddler Halloween Costume

4. Pottery Barn
Baby Pumpkin Costume

5. Esty

Beetlejuice Baby costume

Rainbow Fairy Tutu or Dress - Pretty Pink Butterfly

6. Target

Baby Unicorn Vest Costume - Hyde and Eek! Boutique™

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