A Valentine’s Date Night At Home

It does not matter if you see your significant other every moment of every day because you are both working from home or have been quarantining – Valentine’s Day is a special day that ought to be treated as such. After all, it is a time to be intentional about celebrating your love for one another, right? 

You may each show your love and support to one another daily. You may have a regularly scheduled date night. You may even complain that Valentine’s Day is just a commercial holiday meant to glorify love for the sake of making a dollar. But let’s be real – no matter where we are in our love life or how we feel about the holiday itself, there is something about February 14th that gets us all in our feelings. Admit it, girl. 

The coronavirus pandemic has taken a lot from us over the last year – we cannot allow it to steal Valentine's Day, too. Who cares if restaurants, movie theaters, and event centers are either closed or operating at a reduced capacity? Getting out may not necessarily be a safe or viable option this year, but that does not mean you cannot find fun and silly, sexy and sultry things you can do to have Valentine’s date night with your bae without ever leaving home. With a little bit of creativity, we can still make v-day sparkle. 

Step one: Find a babysitter or put the kids to bed early. No matter how smitten you are with those little ones, you cannot devote all your love and attention to your partner if you have kids running around. It is just not going to happen. 

Step two: Choose your activity. Do not fret – this is where we come in. We have put together a list of five ways you can create a Valentine’s Day date at home. Choose one of these ideas or use them to come up with your own. Just make sure it is special – and something you will both enjoy. 


  1. Chefs and Bakers. 

Having dinner and dessert together is a usual part of a Valentine’s Day date. Sure, you could always order takeout or have something delivered, but why not make it yourselves? Find a fun recipe or two in advance, buy all the ingredients, and spend the evening working together to create something delicious. 

Not only does this give you quality time to spend with one another, but it also allows you to create something together. 

  1. Game Time.

Games are always fun, but if you have kids, then Chutes and Ladders may be the extent of your usual gaming. For your Valentine’s date night, gather up your favorite board games – along with some drinks and snacks – and play! This is a chance for you to enjoy each other’s company and let loose. Laugh, get competitive and just have fun. 

  1. Movie Time.

Consider transforming your living room into your own personal theater. Put a mattress, an air mattress, or a thick blanket on the floor with lots of pillows - and have a picnic. You know, a bottle of wine, a cheese and olive plate, popcorn, your favorite candy, and more. Then, sit back, relax, and watch a movie. If you want to make it even more romantic, string lights around your living room or light candles and keep the lights off. 

You can sit down and watch a movie any night, but this living room picnic movie time makes it extra special. 

  1. Dance Hall Magic.

Remember prom? Re-create it in your home! Again, string lights throughout the space, create a playlist of love songs (or songs that have meaning between you two) and set up a snack table complete with a spiked punch bowl. Then, each of you can dress up and meet on the dance floor for an unforgettable night. 

Although we spend a lot of time together, this quality time of interacting and embracing is much needed for any relationship. Dancing is the perfect way to make it happen. 

  1. Soak and Pamper.

Draw a bubble bath – for two. Hop in and soak together, spending one-on-one time relaxing and indulging. This quiet time can be carried on afterward as you give each other a massage from head to toe. Light up the bathroom and bedroom with string lights and/or candles and create a playlist to set the mood. 

You can use this as your date night – or as the icing on the cake of anything else you choose to do. Either way, it is the perfect end to the night. 

Valentine’s Day is all about spending quality time expressing your love to one another. This can happen any way you choose – and it does not have to be canceled just because of the pandemic. Instead, use this as an opportunity to create new Valentine’s Day memories as you invent your date night at home!

How will you be celebrating Valentine’s Day with your partner this year? In the comments below, share your ideas for Valentine’s date night at home!

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