Diaper bag essentials checklist- what to pack?

Every mother knows that planning a schedule with a new baby can be a difficult story. Even if you told your friends that you would meet them in the park at 10:00am, with a new born there is always a situation where you can end up arriving at 12:00pm.

One of the most important things in getting ready to leave the house is the proper assortment of your diaper bag. This will be accompanying you for months now and will be your closest friend when ON THE GO.
Moreover - a well-stocked diaper bag can save the day!
Some people stuff up the bag and place the whole house in it, except for the refrigerator, and some pack only what they need

So we've compiled a list of everything that needs to be in your compartments and added a few more tips you might not have thought of.

Here are Items that must be in the Diaper bag checklist:
  • Diapers! do not be stingy, it's better to have too much than to get stuck without a diaper. The role here is One for each hour you'll be out, plus a few extra – just in case.

  • Disposable changing pad

  • Wipes

  • Diaper rash cream

  • Cloth diaper (Tetra or flannel, for cleaning emissions, etc.)

  • Extra pacifier

  • A set of clothes

  • Empty plastic bag (for disposable diaper injection and case no trash can available)

  • Hand cleaning gel- For cleaning your hands after diaper changes when there's no time or place to wash them

  • Nursing cover- For breastfeeding in public

  • Food (in the case of formula) - that is, food in the dispenser of dishes, water boiled in thermos and bottles

  • Sunscreen or a hat to protect your baby from the sun

  • Toilet paper or tissue

  • Breast pads for nursing moms

The Extras

In addition to the must have items, there are number of items that can make life easier, so why not pack them as well?

  • Bottle of water

  • Eye Care Wipes (Dr. Fisher's wipes are specially designed for babies)

  • First aid kit: Tellenol, nasal saline spray, bandage and thermometer

  • Sling or wrap for carrying your baby

  • Baby beloved doll or favorite toy

For larger children you can add a spoonful of food, a fruit cutter, a Gerber or any other food, snack or fruit and comb. In cases of boredom you can add a book or even a bottle of soap bubbles for fun.

Mom Essentials
Mom, we didn’t forget you!here are some reminders for your Mommy essentials:
  • Wallet

  • Keys

  • Cell phone

  • Sunglasses

  • New shirt in case of spit-up or a spill

A diaper bag lets you have all the essentials at one place and make life easy for you and the baby.Your diaper bag is going to become your home away from home.

You'll need them to fit all of your baby's needs, plus the contents of your purse

So after we packed everything, Don’t forget to take the baby with you:-)

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