With Halloween over, we are jumping headfirst into Thanksgiving and the holiday season. It is time for your social calendar to fill up and the fun to begin. 

But, wait – you are a new mom. How do you maneuver the holidays and keep your baby content and happy? 

Loved ones near and far will be excited to spend time with your new bundle of joy. And, admit it – you know you are proud to show off your most magnificent masterpiece. Unfortunately, though, this fun wears off nearly as quick as it started. 

Thanksgiving can be wonderful. But, it can also be stressful, exhausting, and downright miserable – especially for new moms. And, who wants to kick off the holiday season in that mood? 

Thankfully, we’ve got some advice for you that will help you kick off the holiday season with ease – and let you survive with a smile on your face. 

RELINQUISH CONTROL. Your new baby is everything. We get that. So, it is likely not uncommon for you to find yourself uptight and edgy as someone else is holding your baby – especially in crowded situations. But, if you want to enjoy the holidays, you are going to have to relinquish a little control at family functions. Trust us, the chances of your Great Aunt Mavis or Grandpa Mondo doing something to hurt your baby are slim. Everyone loves a baby. And, why not? They are life’s little miracles – and they make us feel good. 

So relax. Keep your eyes open and on your baby, but let your family members begin their bonding, too. Besides, there is a good chance you could use a break anyways, right? 

SLOW DOWN. If you are hosting for the holidays or if you find your calendar overflowing, you must remember to slow down. The holidays can be stressful for anyone. And, a new mom has her own daily stressors. Combining the two can be disastrous if you aren’t careful. 

Remind yourself that Thanksgiving is not about perfection. Instead, it’s about gratitude, love, and family. You have to slow down to really appreciate these things. 

BE SENSITIVE YET ASSERTIVE. First and foremost, you are a mom. You may be a Thanksgiving dinner host or a dessert connoisseur, but being a mom comes first. With all the demands that may get thrown at you, it is important to remember that you can be stern without being mean, rude, or causing any permanent family damage. 

For instance, you know that keeping your baby on a routine is best. If it is time to nap or, then say so. If you face remarks or persuasive comments from family members, be sensitive yet assertive and do what you need to do for the health of your baby – and yourself. 

HAVE AN EXIT STRATEGY. Sometimes getting the entire family together can be overwhelming. And, when this happens, you need an out. There is no rule book that says you have to stay at Thanksgiving for 4.2 hours. (Well, unless you are hosting, but that is an entirely different story.)

Show up, visit, and see how it goes. If the baby is fussy or you find yourself too stressed, then use your exit strategy and leave. The health of your baby is important – and so is the health of your baby’s mama. Whether you want to make an excuse or tell the truth doesn’t matter just as long as you have a way out. 


Your baby relies on you. So, don’t let the holiday season bring you down. Follow these steps, keeping health and well-being at the forefront of your mind, and all will be just fine. 

Have any holiday tips or funny holiday disaster stories you’d like to share with our readers? Milky Chic would love to hear from you in the comments below.

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