Traveling with a Baby this Holiday Season? You’ll Need These Tips

Traveling and the holiday season often go hand-in-hand. But, when you have a young child, traveling is not always so easy, is it? After all, you have to make sure you have everything you need – all the while knowing that you are bound to forget something. And, just being in different circumstances and in different surroundings will either excite your baby or, as is often the case, throw off every routine entirely. 

Thankfully, if you plan well enough, you can make traveling with your baby a breeze this holiday season. And we’ve got the tips to help make that happen. 

  1. Stick to the routine as much as possible. This is especially helpful when it comes to eating and sleeping. The more you can keep these two things on time-target, the easier your baby will handle the change of scenery. 
  2. Be prepared for germs. When traveling, your little one is exposed to a lot more germs than normal. Talk to your pediatrician in advance and know what to do should your baby come down with the sniffles or an upset tummy. If any over-the-counter medication is suggested, be sure you purchase it and take it with you – so you have it if you need it. 
  3. Allow extra time. You know that things don’t move as quickly when you have your baby in tow. So, allow extra time getting to the airport and to your destination. Doing so will reduce the chance of time restraints and frustrations that can come with running late. 
  4. Bring entertainment. On your phone or tablet, download some apps, cartoons, YouTube, nursery rhymes and so forth for your child to listen to. Familiar sights and sounds are often soothing – and can be a great distraction when needed. 
  5. Don’t wait. If you know it is close to feeding time, feed your baby. If you think he or she may have dirtied a diaper, change it. And, if it is close to nap time, then move toward lights out. Why? Babies tend to get fussy when they are dealing with any of these. And, when surrounded by hundreds of other people, a fussy baby can raise your stress level. This can all lead to a downward spiral. So, don’t wait. 
  6. Relax. Traveling with your baby is a special time. Sure, it may take a little extra work and more careful planning. But, it is an experience that you need to make yourself slow down, relax, and enjoy. 

Traveling with a baby

And, because we know how small things can slip through the cracks, here’s a last-minute packing checklist of things you won’t want to forget: 

  • Any travel documents you may need for your baby (and yourself, of course).
  • Your MilkyChic nursing poncho which will come in handy for breastfeeding during the flight or long layovers in busy airports! 
  • Your baby’s favorite blanket or toy. 
  • Antibacterial wipes to help keep those germs at bay. 

If this is your first holiday season traveling with your new baby, soak up the memories. As long as you follow these tips and take the time to prepare yourself, you should have smooth travels. 

Have you recently traveled with your baby? Do you have any tips for our readers? We would love to hear them in the comments below!

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