My Hospital Bag Checklist

It is that time again for me - baby girl number 3 is due on October 7, 2020! While I am so excited, my time lately has been spent handling all of those last-minute details in preparation for her arrival – including my hospital bag. 

Ladies! Trust me when I tell you that you are going to want to have all of your items together and ready to grab when it is time to head out that door. Your mind is going to be in so many places at once when the time comes and your baby – not the hospital bag – is going to be on your mind.  So, take the time to plan out your bag, gathering all those things you need, and leaving behind the things you don’t. Then, place it in a designated space so that you can grab and go. Because, unfortunately, the only thing worse than not having your bag packed is having a bag packed with all the wrong things!

Just as with anything in life, practice makes perfect – and that’s how I feel about my hospital bag. This time around, I am going to be completely set with everything I could want or need for my hospital stay. Sure you can’t plan when or how your delivery will go, but that doesn’t mean you can’t be comfortable.  

So, what do I have in my hospital bag? Let’s take a look at what’s in my bag – and what I’m leaving home. 

First, and foremost, you have to have a bag, right? You can choose any bag you want to, but you are going to want to make sure it is roomy enough to fit everything you need to take with you. I have learned from experience that you don’t want to be walking into the hospital carrying a suitcase, but you do want a bag with enough space so that you don’t have to leave anything behind. And, one that is comfortable, too. Llama Momma Company has some great choices – even some that come with convenient clutches. I purchased the gray one from this company and I love it because not only will it be my hospital bag, but it will be a great bag for travels later on, too. It really doesn’t matter what bag you have as long as it will work for you. 

I don’t know about you, but there is something so unwelcoming about wearing a hospital gown. Besides, all the pics you are going to be taking – do you want your memories to be in hospital attire? I didn’t think so. I feel the same way. So, by child #3, I have made sure I have found a couple of robes that allow me to feel good and look good. Delivery/nursing robes are great for this – and I have packed two in my hospital bag. Wait until you see how super cute this one is from Pink Blush and this one from Motherhood Maternity. The latter has long sleeves and, from past experience, I know how cold hospitals can be. Just in case, though, bringing two robes gives me options so that I am always comfortable. Besides, breastfeeding comes easy with a robe that ties and opens in the front.

Speaking of being comfortable, imagine being given disposable underwear to wear after giving birth. They are so uncomfortable and can make you feel like you are in a nursing home rather than a new mom! Having my own comfy stretch cotton underwear that is both breathable and stylish just feels good. A pair of high-waisted recovery panties that are super soft can give you plenty of room for pads. While you may not need it, I always like to throw a nursing bra in my bag just in case. It allows for easy and accessible nursing just in case your milk does arrive while you are still in the hospital. 

My toiletry bag is one of the most crucial parts of my hospital bag. The hospital may supply you with basic items like shampoo and a bar of soap (maybe even a toothbrush and toothpaste), but you’ll likely want to bring your own brush, hair ties, shampoo, conditioner, body wash, deodorant, lip balm, and face wash. After all, being able to wash my face and dab on some lotion and lip balm (I am a huge fan of Latika products) just wakes me up. I have learned how hard it can be getting sleep while in the hospital, so this seems to help me feel better. Speaking of lip balm, it is a must-have even if it is not normally part of your routine. The hospital air can quickly make lips dry and chapped, especially for moms using oxygen masks during c-sections. It’s an easy thing to forget - so make sure it makes it in your hospital bag. 

Oh my gosh! I guess I should talk about the unpleasantries your body will feel after you give birth, right? Because I definitely have learned that there are a few things I need to make sure I heal and feel better. I mean, the hospitals do their best, but there is just something about being prepared with what you know works and that you are familiar with, you know? Once this baby girl is born, I know those nipples of mine have a job to do. And, in no time, they are sure to be cracked, dry, and sore. This nipple cream from Motherlove has been a life saver. I have been using it with all my babies and it is, by far, the best for your sore nipples. And sitz bath spray? This stuff is a must-have but is something most of us don’t think to put in our hospital bag. But I am on kid three, remember? I am also packing an upside-down peri bottle just to help myself stay clean and heal quickly. You may want to consider one, too. It is way better than the hospital squirt bottle they give you - and no hand in the toilet required. This MomWasher is designed in a way that it won’t even put pressure on c-section soreness. It’s an amazing invention and a must-have. Think of it as a bidet for you vajayjay - now that is magic!

Then, finally, the last few things I have packed for myself are a water bottle, some healthy snacks for energy between those contractions, flip flops or slippers, and some comfy socks if you tend to get cold like me. I always throw in some underwear pads, my headphones, phone charger, and any important papers. Oh, for me, back pain is the worst so I always have a tennis ball that helps with the pain. 

Wait a minute… this hospital bag is not all about us moms, is it? Not at all. 

Be sure when you are packing that you include things your new baby may need. For me, I have found that my babies would sleep so well when swaddled when their arms are up. And having a zip-up swaddle sleeping bag by Love to Dream makes that easy – especially if she is squirmy! So, that is definitely in a must have in my bag. I have a pacifier in my bag, too – and this may be something you want to consider. I also got her a gown and hat set from this cute company called Magnetic Me for those first photos and as a welcome home outfit. You’ll want to have something cute for your baby! Just choose an outfit or two. And don’t forget to throw in a loose, comfortable dress for yourself to go home in. 

And, of course, there may be items that you want to pack or think you need to pack, but I am going to tell you from experience – don’t! Things for the baby like diapers, wipes, diaper rash cream, formula are taken care of by the hospital. And you don’t need a breast pump at this stage. As for yourself – who has time for makeup, essential oils, or candles? I mean, really, ladies, you are going to give birth. Who cares if you are wearing your real eyelashes and all!? Trust me, you don’t know what mood you are going to be in or how you are going to feel. Practice self-care by keeping yourself comfortable and clean and leave everything else at home. 

Enjoy this time. It is moments like these that you will remember for a lifetime. 

On that note, we are so excited to welcome this new baby girl into our family and can’t wait for that time to come. In the meantime, my bag is packed with all the above items. I am so ready! 

If you are pregnant or know someone who is, be sure to check out the links above to see all the amazing products that new moms will surely appreciate. If I forgot anything or you’d like to add one of your hospital bag must-haves, leave it in the comments.

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