Rekindle that Spark with Your Significant Other this Valentine’s Day

It doesn’t matter how much you vow to not let it happen, creating a family puts stress on your relationship. Roles change, life gets incredibly busy, and by the time it is quiet and you can settle down, you are too exhausted to do anything but sleep. Keep this routine for long and you will find that you are like two strangers raising common kids. 

Don’t let this Valentine’s Day pass you by without taking the time to do something about this situation. Rekindle the spark with your significant other and you will find that all areas of your life will begin to thrive. 

Not sure where to start? Try out one of these ideas!

Share secrets with one another. Sharing something between the two of you strengthens your bond. It can be sharing an embarrassing story you have never told anyone or even leaving sensual love notes in conspicuous places – that only you two know about. Just as a kid gets giddy when he or she knows a secret, you will find that you two feel the same way. And, it brings you closer together. 

Plan a surprise date for each other. For this date, each of you will be creating a special experience for the other. This requires you to think of the other person, allowing the recipient to feel special knowing that it was planned with him/her in mind. (Note – This can be done as two separate date days. Or, you can split the date in half and each plan a portion of the day.)

Role Play. And, we don’t mean in the bedroom – though, that’s always an idea, too. Why not spend the day with your significant other while playing different roles? For instance, have fun exploring the city you live in as if you are tourists from another country. Dress, act, and speak as though you fit the part – even to strangers. Or, pretend as though you just met for the first time and know nothing about each other. 

Have a romantic, exotic dinner at home. Sometimes parental life doesn’t allow us to head out for a night (or even afternoon) on the town. That doesn’t mean you don’t take the time to spend with one another. It simply means you need to get creative. For instance, have a delicious dinner at home – either cooking yourself or ordering takeout. Then, go all out. Set the dining room table, turn the lights down and light candles. Sit down and enjoy each other’s company. (Note - Just make sure you put the kids to bed first.) 

Take sex out of the equation. Sex is wonderful, of course. But, to rekindle that spark, sometimes you need to take it back to the basics – back to those nervous, butterfly-filled date days at the beginning of your relationship. Take the time to focus on each other as a person, connecting mentally and emotionally. Then, of course, you can always end up in the bedroom for that physical connection. 😉

Remember, you are trying to spend time with your significant other – quality time. Let go of resentments, frustrations, grudges, or anything else that may get in the way of your spark and connection. 

Do you have any tips for our readers? What are some of your ideas to rekindle that spark? 

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