Valentine Ideas to Make Your Kids Feel the Love

Valentine’s Day is coming up – the day when couples everywhere share chocolates and roses and head out for dinner and movie. But, what about the kids? How can we make Valentine’s Day just as loving and magical for them?

No one wants to feel left out on a day that is supposed to be overflowing with love. So, make sure you do something extra special for your kids. They’ll surely be feeling the love with these ideas!

Give them 14 days of love notes.

Cut out heart-shaped pieces of construction paper. Then, beginning on February 1st, write down something you love about your child on one of the hearts and attach it to his/her bedroom door. Do this every day. By the time Valentine’s Day arrives, your kids will be beaming with love and warmth.

Plan some one-on-one time.

Kids love spending time with you. And, having some bonding time can be very beneficial in making your child feel special and loved. Maybe it’s a movie they have been wanting to see or lunch at their favorite restaurant. Or, perhaps it is going exploring at the local park or even painting something fun at your local pottery shop. Plan it and do it – your kids won’t ever forget it.

Teach your kids to spread love.

Show them how to spread love to those who need it by volunteering. Pass out goodies to homeless people in your city. Serve food at your local soup kitchen. Or, head out to the grocery store with your littles and let them pick out some items to drop off at the local food bank. Doing good will make their heart feel good.

Make some special treats.

Baked treats are always welcome – and even more so when the kids get to help in the kitchen! Bake some heart-shaped cookies or other Valentine’s Day inspired treats. Spend time in the kitchen together – and then enjoy the goodness you’ve created once it is done!

Surprise your kids throughout the day.

Catch them off-guard. Make them think you’ve lost your mind! Turn the music up when they are getting ready in the morning so everyone can start the day laughing and dancing. Write a love note on their bathroom mirror. Let your child dress in anything he or she wants to wear. Transform your morning pancakes into hearts. Hide small Valentine’s Day gifts around the house. Serve dessert first at dinner time. Surprised your child with a snuggly stuffed animal and a book about love at bedtime. Talk about a day to remember!

This is perhaps the most important
idea on this list. Showing love is powerful, but we also need to hear it. Sit your child down and tell him/her I love you. But, take it a step further and explain why. All the things you love about your child – share them.

To put it simply, kids just want your attention. It doesn’t matter how old they are – the desire for your affection doesn’t ever really leave, even when they try to pretend it does. So, this Valentine’s Day, take the time to make it extra special for your kids.

Spreading love is impactful.

What do you have planned for your kids this Valentine’ Day? We’d love to hear your ideas.Share with us – leave a comment

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